Healthy China from Vision to Action

The prosperity of health insurance industry in the United States tells the world that Americans attach importance to individual health. The constant improvement in international student insurance (aka 留学生保险) plan covering the full cost of physical examination in America (aka 美国体检), HPV vaccine (aka hpv疫苗), and so forth builds people’s confidence up. Allowing students to waive insurance (aka 换保险) gives the insured people a feeling of flexibility.

Besides that, the willingness and habit of regular work out in the United States prevail in China now, as the development of a ‘Healthy China’ is central to the Chinese Government’s agenda for health and development – and has the potential to reap huge benefits for the rest of the world.

President Xi Jinping has put health at the centre of the country’s entire policy-making machinery, making the need to include health in all policies an official government policy. For example, the employers cover the cost of employees’ annual physical examination. The pap smear examination (aka pap smear 检查) ought to be included.

In August, China held its National Health Conference, which was the most important national meeting on health in twenty years. This meeting demonstrated the government’s tremendous political will in investing in health. Here President Xi said health is a prerequisite for people’s all-round development and a precondition for economic and social development. The concerned department must strengthen the surveillance in health insurance claim (aka 保险理赔). Conversely, he also stressed that if the problems in the health sector are not effectively addressed, people’s health may be seriously undermined, potentially compromising economic development and social stability.